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Tails & Trails Veterinary Physiotherapy

Offering veterinary physiotherapy services in North Kent and surrounding areas

What is Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Veterinary physiotherapy is a science based profession, which takes an holistic approach following veterinary referral.

All sessions begin with an initial assessment which consists of a static and dynamic assessment, palpation, neurological assessment and an introductory massage. Following on from the assessment a treatment plan will be established. Treatment sessions will be made up of a variety of physiotherapeutic techniques. 

Physiotherapeutic Techniques: 

  • Manual therapies: massage, myofascial release

  • Electrotherapies: pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, TENS, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, infrared therapy

  • Remedial exercise: pole work, lunging, weight shifting

  • Rehabilitation plans

  • Management advice

Indications for veterinary physiotherapy:

  • Arthritis management

  • Following orthopedic surgery e.g. cranial cruciate rupture repair, patella luxation

  • Strength and conditioning training

  • Management of a musculoskeletal condition e.g. hip dysplasia, kissing spines

  • Sacroiliac dysfunction management

  • Neurological injury or disease e.g. intervertebral disc disease, fibrocartilaginous embolism

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Benefits of Veterinary Physiotherapy

Reduces pain


Improves performance

Reduce injury

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